Die amerikanische Metal-Formation IN THIS MOMENT wird gerade wahrlich nicht vom Glück verfolgt: Nachdem die ursprünglich für Januar geplante EU-Tour aufgrund gesundheitlicher Probleme der Frontfrau Maria Brink zunächst auf Mai verschoben wurde, müssen die Termine nun komplett abgesagt werden. Grund dafür ist eine Verletzung des Lead-Gitarristen Chris Howorth, die aktuell behandelt wird und das Performen unmöglich macht. Chris bedauert die Absage zutiefst:

“The people closest to me already know, but sadly, now it’s time for the world to know. I have injured my neck and am unable to move my head more than an inch or two in any direction & I now have the burden of making some pretty weighty decisions for myself. In order to continue performing live, I am aggressively seeking treatment & must remain at home in Los Angeles. I am devastated that our European shows are affected by this but in order to keep moving forward with the band, it’s imperative to work on getting better. I cannot express how appreciative I am that we have such amazing fans & loving support from all over the world. I feel as if I’m letting you down & it breaks my heart. I truly hope to see you all again in the near future.”  

Auch Maria zeigt sich betrübt:

“It is so heartbreaking to me that we have to cancel this tour. The last time we were in Europe, I felt such fire & magic at the shows- I have been absolutely dying to get back. It’s a raw, rare energy that left a serious impact on us. It’s probably easy for everyone to think “why don’t you just go without Chris,” but the truth is, he is my partner, brother & one of my closest friends. Throughout the years, Chris has stood strong by my side through everything- he’s never left me behind. I can’t bring myself to do this tour without him, it simply would not be In This Moment. Our fans would not be getting a true ITM show without him. We take this very seriously & are so deeply sorry to have to do this. We have unconditional LOVE our Europe fans. Chris is on top of taking care of himself & I firmly believe he can be back to playing soon. Blood Legion Forever.”

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